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The Beresford

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211 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024
75 kW
523 MBtu/h

Facility Details

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CategoryResidential: Multifamily
Electric UtilityConsolidated Edison
Gas UtilityConsolidated Edison
NYISO ZoneJ - New York City
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Project

    Elec. Gen. Capacity
    75.0 kW
    Heat Gen. Capacity
    523,000 Btu/h
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    Developer/InstallerAegis Energy Services, Inc.External link (opens in new window)
    Data MonitoringAug 2016 – present
    NYSERDA Contract NameBeresford Apartments
    ConEd Target Zone
    Heat Recovery Loads MetDomestic Hot Water (DHW), Space Heating
    System Redundancy (N+1)
    Grid Export Capable
    • Unit Manufacturer Aegis Energy Services, Inc.
      Unit Model Aegen TP-75LE
      Elec. Gen. Rating 75 kW
      Thermal Gen. Rating 523 MBtu/h
      No. of Units 1
      No. of Prime Movers1
      Primary FuelNatural Gas
      Prime MoverReciprocating Engine
      LocationIndoor - Basement
      GeneratorInduction Generator
      Rated Electric Efficiency (% HHV)26.9
      Rated CHP Efficiency (% HHV)82.1