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Performance Data

You can access real-world data from over 1,200 live DER projects in New York State in one of two ways, by viewing a map of DERs across New York or by searching for projects through criteria you select. NYSERDA-incentivized DER projects are included in this data set.

Performance data for all projects is updated on a daily basis. View current and past data on electricity generation and storage with actual performance, not models or estimates.

Analyze the abundance of data contained within individual facility data pages by:

  • Viewing data by a selected time range, by month, or by day
  • Getting a snapshot of performance capacity ratings and efficiency
  • Plotting electricity generation against ambient temperatures
  • Comparing DER facilities with peers by clicking on the benchmark tab
  • Analyzing DERs or aggregate data from multiple DERs by using the Portfolio Manager tool

All data is available for download as a .csv file.

Summary of DERs Across New York State

Information below includes the total amount of electricity generated and the total amount of heat generated and used on site at DER project sites.

View our glossary for help understanding DER technology terms mentioned in the data sets.

Performance to Date
This dashboard displays total useful output from distributed energy resource (DER) projects that are funded by and report performance data to NYSERDA.

electricity generated
heat used
Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
8,352 GWh
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
4,727 GWh
23,355 BBtu
Fuel Cell (FC)
682 GWh
126 BBtu
Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG)
670 GWh

About this data

The DER performance data available on this site includes:

  • Energy Storage: All operational and completed energy storage projects funded by NYSERDA under the Bulk and Retail Energy Storage incentive programs. This data set does not include all energy storage projects in New York.
  • Solar: All completed and operational solar projects funded by NY-Sun’s Commercial & Industrial incentive program. This data set does not include all solar projects in New York.
  • Combined Heat and Power, Anaerobic Digester, and Fuel Cell: Completed and operational projects funded under now-closed incentive programs. This data set does not include all CHP, anaerobic digesters, and fuel cell projects in New York.

Access NYSERDA’s current incentives for energy storage and solar projects.