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Characteristic Data

Characteristic data outlines the “what” and “where” of DER projects in New York State. By accessing the data file linked to the right, you can view the characteristics of individual DER projects at over 1,200 facilities, including facility names, locations, facility types, DER technologies used, electric generation or electric storage capacity, and more. These projects have either received NYSERDA funding or are energy storage projects that voluntarily provided information to NYSERDA.

As DER projects continue to grow throughout New York State, this data is updated as new projects are brought online.

The charts below provide an overview of the number and scale of DER projects across New York State. You can drill down on the number and capacity of DER projects by technology by changing the view to the right of each chart, where available.

View our glossary for help understanding DER technology terms mentioned in the data sets.


About this data

The DER characteristic data available on this site includes:

  • Energy Storage: All operational energy storage projects in New York State, whether or not funded by NYSERDA. Information is based on utility interconnection reports as well as information voluntarily provided to NYSERDA. For data on projects that have been approved but are not yet operational under NYSERDA’s Retail and Bulk Energy Storage incentive programs, visit Open NY.
  • Solar: All completed and operational solar projects funded by NY-Sun’s Commercial & Industrial incentive program. For data on all solar projects installed statewide as well as all approved and completed solar projects under NY-Sun’s incentive programs, visit NY-Sun’s Solar Data Maps.
  • Combined Heat and Power, Anaerobic Digester, and Fuel Cell: Completed and operational projects funded under now-closed NYSERDA incentive programs. This data does not include all CHP, anaerobic digesters, and fuel cell projects in New York.

Access NYSERDA’s current incentives for energy storage and solar projects.