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Search distributed energy resources in New York

Distributed Energy Resources in New York State

This map displays the locations of distributed energy resource (DER) projects that are funded by and report performance data to NYSERDA.

Select the “Visualize Capacities” button to see a bubble representing the installed capacity of each DER project, and deselect it to return to the location pin view.

Click on each technology in the legend at the bottom of the map to show or hide projects from the view.

Use the scroll button or press the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in or out.

Hover over a map pin or bubble to see the project name and capacity, and click on it to see a link to go to more information about the project.

Click on a technology listed below the map to show or hide facilities with that technology. Click on the map pins or bubbles to view facility details.

Download data on all facilities in the Distributed Energy Resources Map.