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Become a Vendor

Become a Pre-Approved CHP System Vendor

Vendors approved through NYSERDA’s CHP Request for Information application process (RFI 2568) are able to submit Catalog as well as Custom approach CHP project applications.

Through RFI 2568, approved vendors also submit packaged CHP equipment specifications and proof of performance. Upon approval, these modules are included in the CHP Catalog of eligible vendors and equipment modules.

Once approved, Vendors can submit CHP PON 2568 Catalog approach applications on behalf of site representatives, contract with NYSERDA, and receive incentives. Approved or non-approved Vendors, as well as other parties, can submit Custom approach applications.

The CHP Program is designed to support the installation of commercially-mature products offered by vendors whose principal focus is to conduct CHP projects using standardized or packaged appliance-like systems.

Become a NY-Sun-Eligible Contractor

NYSERDA relies on qualified contractors and builders to install new grid-connected solar electric systems for customers through the NY-Sun Incentive Program.

Information on how to become a NY-Sun-eligible contractor is available on the NY-Sun program Become a Participating Contractor and Builder page.

Other DER Technologies

Vendor eligibility for other DER technologies are managed through the individual program pages. Find the program page for your DER technology of interest at the Overview page.